We Help B2B Service Providers by Delivering

15-50 Warm Prospects

Every Month

We Help B2B Service Providers by Delivering


The Sales System

For High Ticket

B2B Service Providers

What We Do

Done-For-You Sales Prospecting & Outreach

We’ll help you pinpoint the decision-makers at your ideal accounts. Then, using simple, focused messaging and a soft-touch approach, we’ll reach out to them and follow up with multiple touch points. We’ll do this for you at scale, acting as your outsourced sales army. 

The customers who engage are then funneled back to you so that you can continue the conversation that we sparked. These leads are highly qualified because they match the exact criteria that you have given us.

You can then view and manage all of your leads, data, and reports right from your customer dashboard. 

Empower Your Top Reps

Top reps can stop wasting valuable time chasing down sales and start closing new business

Own Your Data

Download your data and use it for re-targeting campaigns, direct mail outreach and more

10x Your Teams Results

10x your results by focusing only on the perfect prospects that are ready to engage with you

Cancel Anytime

Our service is month-to-month. Just let us know 5 business days in advance if you’d like to cancel

Our Communication Style

Cool and Casual. Never Pushy or Salesy

People love to buy… but they hate to be sold to.

When you’re reaching out cold for the first time, your tone should be cool and casual, with the conversation built around your prospect – ie how you can help them move closer towards their goals.

Doing that while maintaining a natural and authentic conversation that gives a glimpse into the unique value that you provide is the foundation of your email cadence copy.

How It Works

Here's what we'll do


Setup Your Perfect Customer Profile

Determine the exact criteria for targeting your perfect prospects.

Create a Sample Data Set

Build out a sample data set of contacts

Craft Your Email Cadence

Write the copy for your emails for you to sign-off on.

Launch Your Campaign & Monitor Progress

You’ll be able to respond and engage with active leads as they come in. Monitor progress and activity from your dashboard.

Ready to Scale?

Get Started Today.

Simplify your sales with a proven b2b sales system that works

Businesses We Help

If you see your niche below, chances are high that we can bring you qualified leads on auto-pilot.

Medical Devices

Financial Services

Printing & Packaging

Creative Agencies

Construction Technology

Social Media & PR

Enterprise Software

Architecture, Engineering & Design

Corporate Event Services

An Accidental Discovery

Why We Built ReignMakers

This is the story of how my marketing agency Studio Misfits went from an agency of 100% referrals to a business that finally had control over how much work we took on, and who we did business with.


How long does it take to start working?

It takes about 2 weeks from the day you sign up to having your campaign kick off. You’ll start receiving your first positive responses usually within the next 1 – 2 weeks.  

How many prospects will you email?

You can choose between 1000-2000 contacts per month, based on your monthly spend. If you want to reach more than 2000 contacts per month, talk to us about custom pricing!

How many emails with you send?

Our cadences are a series of 4 – 5 emails  sent to each of your prospects. 

What are the ways that you are able to target or segment customer groups?

We’re able to target companies by industry, size, geographic location, specialty, amount of employees, sales metrics, & key software.

What happens to all of the data? Do I get to use it for retargeting?

All of your contact data lives inside your client dashboard, and you are free to access it at any time. You may upload it for retargeting on Facebook or Google.

Do you reply to leads on our behalf?

No, we do not. We reach out on your behalf, and once a lead comes in it becomes your responsibility to continue engaging with your prospect.

We use a CRM. Can you integrate with us so that there's no duplication?

Yes, we work with many clients actively using CRMs. Talk to us to make sure we can integrate with your system.

Is there a campaign ramp up period?

Some campaigns start very quickly and can be in full swing the same week they start. In most cases, over the first 4 weeks of your campaign, we will slowly increase the number of contacts we reach out to each week and your campaign will hit full velocity in the first week of Month 2.

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